Best Bread – Food for Life

Food for Life – Ezekiel 4:9 Bread

Best because: this organic, GMO-free bread contains none of the appalling, noxious ingredients found in most conventional breads, such as: high fructose corn syrup, caramel color (which is actually made of ammonia and is a carcinogen), genetically modified corn and/or soy, enriched flours (flours wherein all the natural vitamins, minerals and fiber have been destroyed in the refining process, only to have a fraction added back in the end), calcium propionate (which has been found to cause negative behavioral changes in children), sodium, and azodicarbonamide (a bleaching agent that has been banned in Europe and Australia because of a possible link to asthma and allergic reactions) or other chemicals.  Instead, Ezekiel bread contains only pure and natural ingredients, is a complete source of protein, has 18 amino acids, and is a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Ezekiel bread uses only freshly sprouted, certified organic live grains – and no flour, genetically modified ingredients, refined sugars, preservatives or anything artificial.  It is delicious, hearty and available in several tasty varieties – a uniquely-wholesome bread you can feel 100% good about eating freely and feeding to your family!

Better than: Bread Alone (a wonderful, organic, handcrafted bread that is made locally in New York from little more than organic whole grains, water and salt; freshly delivered daily to cafes, farmers’ markets and grocery stores throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City, also available nationwide online, this brand is another one of the best options out there); Alvarado Street Bakery (another bread made of organic sprouted grains, however not all of the ingredients are organic and the breads all contain soy-based lechitin, which seems an unnecessary additive and one that the other brands listed here do not include); Rudi’s Organic Bakery (these organic sandwich breads are soft and come in a variety of flavors, however all of the organic bakery breads contain organic evaporated cane juice or organic brown sugar as a primary ingredient, and since we are all better off by limiting sugar in our diets, sliced bread is an undesirable place to have it hiding, especially when wholesome, delicious options like Ezekiel and Bread Alone offer delicious breads with no added sugar in any form).

Or buy it at your local Whole Foods.